Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bear Adventure: Paws for Action - Shoeprint Activity

When I was reading through the Bear requirements and the Bear Den Leader Guide, I came across the shoeprint activity in Paws for Action and it reminded me of an activity we did at Roundtable several years ago.

This will be a simpler and cleaner way of doing the shoeprint activity suggested in the 2nd den meeting outline for the Paws for Action adventure (Requirement 2b(i). It would also be similar to what police would encounter when processing an outside crime scene.

What you need:

A folded towel, and 1 piece of aluminum foil for each boy.

Have each boy step on a piece of the foil. They don't need to stand still or do anything special, just walk across it.

Voila! A perfect, detailed imprint of the shoe.

Now you can play the game suggested in the den meeting outline. Lay out the pieces of foil on a table and have each boy find his own shoeprint. For another challenge, have them find a friend's shoeprint.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summertime Pack Award Idea

It's the end of the summer and your Cub Scouts have hopefully been very busy, what with day camp, and all the other summertime activities your pack has been having.

Some of your boys may have earned the National Summertime Award pin. Someone on a facebook group I'm on asked for ideas for a ceremony to present these pins, something exciting to get other Cubs excited about earning the award next year.

This is the idea that popped into my head for that.

Make a big circle using yellow posterboard. Use another piece of posterboard to make the removable rays for your sunshine. Put a boy's name on each ray, and attach their summertime award pin to the end. Display the sun on a bulletin board (our pack meeting location has nice rolling bulletin/chalkboards we can use) as part of the decorations for your pack meeting. When it is time to hand out the awards, you can call the boys up by den or individually and hand them their "ray of sunshine"

When I was looking for pictures to support my idea, I found this blog where the blogger, Bri, used a similar idea for a summer activity calendar: Sweet Sunshine Activity Calendar

Here is a picture from that blog:

Bri made this as the base, and then added green and pink rays that were removable. But you could do all these yellow rays as removable ones (or only as many as you needed).

Or you could make your rays as long triangles, like this one:

It all depends on how many boys you have getting the summertime award.

I hope you enjoy this idea.